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The ebook market is a battlefield, and having Jesse in my corner helps to ensure that my books look as professional as those released by the traditional publishers. —Antony W.F. Chow

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Ebook formattingSolo (Ebook)
Single Format · $59

Ebook formatting - up to 2 formatsA Couple of Books (Ebook)
2 Formats · $79

Ebook formatting - up to 3 formatsTriple Special (Ebook)
3 Formats · $99

Print-ready PDF formattingPrint/PDF (Print)
Single Format · $159

All-in-1 ebook and print packageTotal Package (Ebook & Print)
3 Ebook Formats + Print/PDF · $229

Package pricing is for multiple formats of the same book. Long (over 120k words) or complex books with images, tables, footnotes, etc. please query. Turnaround time for most ebooks is within 5 days from payment of invoice. All genres welcome. Retailer compliance guaranteed.

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Jesse Gordon

A longtime Smashwords formatter on Mark’s List, I’ve been specializing in professional ebook formatting and print design since 2011. With thousands of books under my belt, I have extensive experience helping authors and publishers prepare their work for all the major self-publishing/print-on-demand (POD) platforms.

Why hire me?

I’ve done books for Lauren Blakely (Hard Wood), Ted Halstead (The Second Korean War), Steven Greer (Unacknowledged), and Whitley Strieber (Afterlife Revolution), to name just a few. Whether you’re an indie or a bestseller, I’ve got you covered!

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Author Testimonials

A Darned Good Book is a very professional, very customer-friendly company. Two of my author friends recommended Jesse and his company to me when I got myself in a real jam. I had four books I needed help with and a short timeline to get them fixed. He was so helpful and very patient. Some of the corrections I sent him needed to be corrected. And then those needed to be corrected. All through this process, he was patient, timely, and well, just plain nice. I thank him from the bottom of my heart for helping me out, and I will absolutely be going back to him. He and his company have my highest recommendation.

—Author K.P. Gresham

A Darned Good Book gets a standing ovation from me. Thanks to Jesse Gordon for swift responses to my inquiries, clear instructions and deadlines (all of which he beat handily), and a beautiful ePub book I was proud to upload. Both speed and reliability—fabulous combination. Wonderful work!

—Helen Currie Foster, author of The Alice MacDonald Greer Mystery series

I approached Jesse for help, while struggling to format my first book in the Anya & Mishka series. And I ended up choosing him again and again for the rest of the books in the series. He’s precise, efficient, punctual and very obliging. Thanks, Jesse, for saving me every time and making my books look decent and acceptable by Smashwords Premium Catalogue and KDP. A thorough professional, that’s Jesse Gordon. I highly recommend him to others especially new writers like me.

—PR Krish, author of Anya & Mishka series

Jesse Gordon did a fantastic job of formatting my manuscript. High-quality work at competitive prices. He’s a real pro! I’d recommend him to anyone.

—Thomas E. Hall, author of Walking the Edge

I've been working with Jesse for years and his knowledge, patience, and professionalism is very reassuring to me personally and professionally as an indie author. The ebook market is a battlefield and having Jesse in my corner helps to ensure that my books look as professional as those released by the traditional publishers.

—Antony W.F. Chow, #1 Best Selling Author of CONQUEST, The Dungeon Core Gambit

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