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Custom Book Styles

For those interested in having their book judged by its cover, I’ve been known to do stock image-based book cover design on the cheap.

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Sample Cover Designs

Custom Template


Bold, two-word title with the author name beneath. Blurb or subtitle text can be placed top / top-right.

Custom Template


Best for a book with a short title; subtitle or blurb text can be placed at the top.

Custom Template


Cover for one of my science fiction novels. Black, white, and blue color scheme.

Custom Template


A minimalist design with the title emphasized. Blurb text would fit nicely middle-left.

Custom Template


Both short and long book titles would work with this cover. Additional text, such as a subtitle or blurb, can be added near the top or bottom.

Custom Template

Name First

An example of a cover where the author name is presented first and foremost. Both long and short titles would work equally well.

Custom Template


Two-word title cover design that emphasizes the colors of the Texas Flag.

Custom Template


An example of a cover optimized for a four-word title, with room for author name and blurb.

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