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Author Testimonials

Author Testimonials

Jesse Gordon did a fantastic job of formatting my manuscript. High-quality work at competitive prices. He’s a real pro! I’d recommend him to anyone.

—Thomas E. Hall, author of Walking the Edge

I've been working with Jesse for years and his knowledge, patience, and professionalism is very reassuring to me personally and professionally as an indie author. The ebook market is a battlefield and having Jesse in my corner helps to ensure that my books look as professional as those released by the traditional publishers.

—Antony W.F. Chow, #1 Best Selling Author of CONQUEST, The Dungeon Core Gambit

As a book editor, I often handle other parts of the publishing process for my authors. In this case, I was on the hunt for a great and professional book formatter that could create files for every available publishing channel. I absolutely lucked out when Jesse popped up in a Google search. Not only was he quick and thorough (and accommodating to the edits we had to make after the fact), but he produced beautiful files that made the process of publishing the book completely painless. Both the author and I are thrilled with Jesse's work, and we will definitely be using him again for all future book projects.

—Sarah Flores, Owner, Write Down the Line, LLC

We are a small independent publisher based in Berlin, Germany and have used Jesse’s wonderful formatting service for three books now. We have been extremely grateful to him for the professional, efficient and excellent service he has provided. Though we are based in Europe, he has seamlessly navigated the time difference, promptly answering all our questions and queries with good humour. We consider him a great find and would highly recommend his service.

—Kusi Okamura, founding editor of The Wild Word

Jesse is easy to work with, very responsive, and does a great job. He's willing to tackle jobs that are technically complicated, and he's reasonably priced.

—Ralph Mroz, author of The Senior Years

Jesse does a great job! He puts in extra effort, and always offers his help and expertise! My books look great. I would be lost without him!

—Crystal Perkins, author of The Griffin Brothers series

Jesse is fantastic! He’s fast, efficient, reasonably priced and most of all – he produces gorgeous work. Not gonna lie – I cried happy tears when I saw the files! They looked amazing, and the chapter headings are so professional. I’m recommending him to all my author friends!

—Lauren Blakely, author of Big Rock

Jesse was wonderful to work with through the whole formatting process with my first book. He was very patient with all of the many email questions that I bombarded him with and answered them promptly, which is very important to a nervous writer. Jess was just awesome to work with and he is very knowledgeable. I would definitely advise choosing Jesse for all of your formatting needs, including ebook and paperback editions. You won't be sorry.

—Shirley Brady, author of My Awakening Through Loves, Losses and Laughter

I can’t say enough about Jesse’s professionalism and turnaround time. Not only was he easy to work with, he knows his stuff and is more than willing to share his expertise and his suggestions when asked. He made my first experience with self-publishing super easy, and his formatting was exceptional. I will definitely utilize his services again.

—Alison Packard, author of Hearts On Fire

Jesse’s formatting service is beyond excellent. He performed a spectacular job on my novel for both e-book and print edition through CreateSpace. He finished both jobs well before the deadline and was available and patient when I had any questions. I have already highly recommended him to three other novelists who are about to publish, as I know Jesse will perform a spectacular job for them as he did with me. I just received print copies of my novel, Folsom on Fire, that Jesse formatted and they look better than other print novels I have purchased in stores. Thanks again, Jesse.

—Orlando Smart-Powell, author of Folsom on Fire

Jesse Gordon, aka My Formatter, is smart, efficient, and professional. The cherry on top is his gentle caring mannerism. Jesse eased me through my first writing endeavor. His every email ended with "if you've got a question, give me holler." He's fantastic.

—Geraldine Weems, author of Mail Order Friend

Jesse has done nothing but quick, clean, professional conversions on all three books in the Tully Harper Series. I'll continue to use his services for ebooks and recommend you do the same.

—Adam Holt, author of the Tully Harper series

Friendly, prompt, professional service from Jesse. He did exactly what he promised to do, and I was so pleased with the finished formatting of my book (Beyond the Illusions) which, after formatting, uploaded to Smashwords Premium Catalogue easily and seamlessly! A pleasure to work with, and when my second book is ready for publishing I’ll be seeking his services again. As a first-time author, it’s headaches like formatting which caused me sleepless nights, but suffice to say, Jesse took that headache away instantly. A great find and I have no hesitation in recommending him highly.

—James Mills, author of Beyond the Illusions

I have had 22 eBooks formatted and hold two print novels in my hands: 'A High Country Tale' and 'The Mandrakes'. None could have occurred without Jesse. He has an uncanny ability to make one feel as if he is privately contracted during his process. Everything he says in regards to formatting may be taken literally and this very amiable expert always under promises and over delivers. No mistake, he is worth much more than he charges... just sayin'.

—Zachariah Jack, author of The Mandrakes

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Jesse on Smashwords, Kindle and Createspace versions of my book Running Mark's Marathon: The Making of a Mid-Life Marathon Runner. Jesse is easy to communicate with, always responds quickly to queries, has a rapid turnaround time, is extremely gracious with explaining details to novices like me and his work is excellent. I cannot recommend Jesse highly enough.

—Andrea Glenn, author of Running Mark's Marathon

We were pleasantly surprised by Jesse's quick response to our request. He formatted our book very quickly, and within 24 hours our book was approved! His rates are reasonable and we highly recommend him.

—Jodi DiLiberto and Neil Milliner

As an author of debut novel, Masks of Morality, I have worked with Jesse Gordan on formatting several iterations of my book and he was always quick to respond, did an excellent job with perfectly formatted files for every need, and he went above and beyond expectations. Above and beyond with updates as he put up with my MANY changes even after publishing. I would recommend Jesse to anybody for getting you book out there in digital and print form, with precise requirements met at every stage of the process.

—Terri Lynn Sullivan, author of Masks of Morality

Jesse Gordon has wowed me again! This is my fifth novel that he has formatted for me and it is beautifully put together. He is the best at his craft. He is professional, friendly, courteous, meets the deadline, and never gets flustered over dealing with someone, as myself, less savvy with the technology aspects. He is an absolute genius! Looking forward to working with him again when my next novel is ready to be uploaded.

—Charlotte Symonds, author of Some Other Time

Definitely the best experience using a book editing service EVER. Mr. Gordon is extremely professional, courteous prompt and helpful! And his prices are very reasonable, whereas his results are priceless! I highly recommend Jesse Gordon for ePub, Kindle and smashwords book conversion.

—Cory Baxter, author of Siren's Ruse

After running straight into the Smashwords Premium Catalogue wall, I contacted Jesse to format my book to meet their many requirements. Within two days it was ready to go. He is fast, professional and his fee is quite reasonable. If you need someone to format your book then do not hesitate to contact Jesse.

—Mitchell St. George, author of A Ripple in Time

Jesse is the best! He has handled any and every issue—whether created by me or Smashwords—with skill and grace. His experience and dedication to the best possible product make him my only choice for book formatting.

—Parker Hudson, author of On the Edge

I used Jesse for a very fast turnaround due to a library eBook project in my town. He did a great job and I had no issues using his formatting on Smashwords. His choices for formatting made sense and he changed one very small thing in a very short time. His price was very fair, and I would use Jesse again without question!

—Lane Gorden, author of The Desert Has No Memory

Now that I've found him, Jesse is THE only book formatter I will ever use. In every way—from professional skills to personality—he is so far above and beyond any other firm or individual I've used in the past that there's just no comparison. His ability to turn a rush project around as fast as I needed was a godsend.

As a ghostwriter and developmental editor, I often guide clients through the self-publishing process, and in the past, the formatting part of things always led to headaches. But now that I've found Jesse, I will actually look forward to it.

I recommend him a thousand percent.

—Nicole Eva Fraser, author of Surviving the Storms

Deciding on a professional formatter for my ebook was a stressful proposition for me – how can you be sure you’re going to get the right result?

I needn’t have worried. I chose Jesse Gordon from the Smashwords list because he seemed to ‘know his onions’ and a long list of people on his website sounded pretty satisfied with his work. So I contacted Jesse about working on my book, ‘One of Our Clowns is Missing.’ He took it on, and I couldn’t have been happier. Not only was his work absolutely flawless and turned around in no time, he was also very personable and agreeable in all my dealings with him – even though my techno-incompetence should try the most patient of publishing professionals.

So hire Jesse, and breathe a sigh of relief.

—James McCabe, author of One of Our Clowns is Missing

Jesse responded to my query promptly, worked with me to hash out the necessary details, and turned around a professional format that Smashwords accepted without any hiccups - and quicker than expected, too! If you want to put your ebook formatting in the hands of a professional, Jesse Gordon should be the first name on your list.

—John Perich, author of Too Hard to Handle

Jesse is a master of his craft! I will definitely be using his service for my next book and have referred him to others on my team. Highly recommended!

—Paul Rega, author of Trail of 32

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