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A Darned Good Book

A Couple of Books (ebook)

If you’re on a budget, Couple is a cost-effective way of getting your ebook onto most major retailer sites.

Triple Special (ebook)

For ebook-only publishing, Triple will cover all your bases, particularly if you plan on submitting directly to the various ebook retailers.

The Total Package (ebook & print)

If world domination is part of your publishing campaign, Total is for you. In addition to all the standard ebook formats, you’ll get a custom-tailored, print-ready PDF.

The Fine Print

* Prices shown are based on a typical full-length fiction novel (40,000 – 80,000 words). Pricing may vary depending on book complexity, number of images, tables, footnotes / end notes, etc. (if applicable). My most popular packages are listed above; any combination of formats is eligible for a package discount.

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A Darned Good Book
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